Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hey, it's Not Blocked!!!!

Well this is my first blog of the year that I have done during school. I seem to be making new friends easily, and my name seems to be getting famous around the school. I wonder if there is anything to this popularity thing, and I really hope my new friends don't screw me over. I have had some bad experiances witht that. The people here seem to use insults a lot just for greetings, and I kind of feel like I'm back in westside Indy. But at least I know that if I stay on everyone's good side, I'll be fine. It may sound hard, but it is unexpectedly easy. There really don't seem to be that many girls here, so my range of relationships is kind of limited. This school's extracurricular programs are kind of on the low side too. I really hope that I can get through them. And then there are the people who think I would make a good football player. Well gotta go. Bye!

Friday, August 19, 2011

First Day at a New School

Well, today was my first day at my new school and even though it only lasted two hours, it was still a pleasant change. Though at times throughout the day, I did miss my old school and teachers, especially Ms. McMasters. I really think this will be a good thing for me, trying something new, getting out of my comfort zone. This weekend I am going over to my dad's house and I'm gonna stay the night over at  Lee's on Saturday. I really want to spend some time with Tori on Saturday too, so I'll hang out with Lee in the afternoon. During more the morning and midday, I'll hang with Tori and Dad. I suspect Nick is still a little jet lag from his round country trip, so he may not want to hang out. Eheh, if Jake were here he'd be calling me a motherfucker right now. An asshole for not telling him that I'm moving. I wonder how he's doing right now? I hope he's staying out of trouble. Well, I have to go now. I'll post some more later.
-Love Cory O'Keefe

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hayley Kiyoko

So cute!

3rd Day Of Work

Well, i did it. i made it 3 days through that detassling deal, and it's getting easier.I've decided to stay with it until the end. After two paychecks, I'll be able to get a moped. I've been having to hitch rides from people, because my mom is working night over at Monohans now. I hate having to hitch rides. But if I get the moped, I'll be able to get myself to and from work easier. And by myself. After that, my deal is to get a freaking xBox.There are absolutely no good games for the PS2 anymore. I think they stopped making them. Well, gotta go. I am going to write a letter to Hayley Kiyoko. She's so cute! <3

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Court Date

Well, i guess it went pretty smoothly today. Dad got partial custody of the girls, and  Mom got visitation rights every weekend. We agreed that when the girls come over here, I will go over to Lebanon and spend the weekend with Dad. I have no problem with that. Mom was crying her eyes out when we left Aunt Sherain's today. I guess she really misses the girls. Well, I don't blame her. The visitation begins next weekend. And I'm ready.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A new Home

Wel, I'm here in Arcola, illinois, and I have absolutely nothing to look forward to. I wish i were back in Lebanon, where i actually had friends that cared about me and didn't want to ridicule me. And I hear that there is hate fighting in this new school. That will be a hell of a time for me. i guess the only thing to do is try to befriend everyone at school. I'm going to be returning to Lebanon for a court date tommorrow. I can't wait to see some of my friends. This will be a grat time to tell everyone that I'm sorry I had to make this decision. But, as I have know for a while, Mom needs the support. And I can't back out now that I have detassling to do this year. I just wish I was back in Lebanon. But I geuss we can't all have verything we want, huh? Going to a new school will be hard for me. With not knowing anyone here, I guess that some people will be all over me trying to befriend me. or not. i'm not completely sure how the social ranking of this town goes yet. But I can only bet my new test subjects will give quite a surprise. I wonder how that thing with the art future is going for brittany? Is she doing well, i wonder? Or even some of my other friends. how are they getting along without me? Is Tory okay, and how about Nick? This will be hard. Especially since I'm no good with humans. I may love them, and they sure as hell make great test subjects, but you know, I wonder how all this will work out in the end.I'm just afraid that some people here are not as accepting as others.